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The Starmax spacer pad

Starmax spacer pads

the Starmax spacer pad…….

…from an “intelligent” tool to a solution “multiplier”

The need exists for ideal ways of solving certain problems in the packaging sector pertaining to load bearing capacity, “memory” and at the same time resistance to stress during storage (preventing as much pad yielding as possible), during internal handling and while in transit.

The answer lies in the STARMAX line of spacer pads designed and developed for heavy duty use (for packaging and handling particularly heavy frames, steel shutters, wood, aluminium and PVC frames with substantial payloads, railings, gates, panels with iron elements, including for protection against stresses caused by different types of strapping etc.)

The results can be achieved by STARMAX pads because of the special composition of their bodies with high density expanded microporous cellular material and the same removable-adhesive contact film found on the pads in the STARFLEX line used on their base.

The frame maker will need to choose from the measurements available depending on whether vertical or horizontal stacking is required.

As regards the different packaging formats and the relative load bearing capacities required, all the considerations made for pads in the STARFLEX line apply (the greater the load bearing capacity required, the larger the spacer pad surface area needs to be).