Imballaggi ed isolamenti nei settori dell'industria serramentistica, dell'edilizia, del vetro e del benessere animale nella zootecnia

Nature at the service of man

“Nature at the service of man”

STARCORK “The classic”

cork spacer pad.

STARCORK spacer pads are mainly available in 3 mm thickness, in high quality dense cork.

This type of cork spacer pad is designed for spacing apart double glazing, various types of delicate wood and for a variety of other applications.

STARCORK quality components

non-slip cork

contact film                          removable adhesive acrylic

size of pads                         160 x 180 mm

packs                                  cartons containing 9 boxes

carton dimensions                54 x 40 x 31 cm

STARCORK “The classic” spacer pad measurements

STARCORK (10x10x3mm)              carton containing 106,020 pieces

STARCORK (15x15x3mm)              carton containing 51,480 pieces

STARCORK (18x18x3mm)              carton containing 35,640 pieces

volume 0.07 m3