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Nature at the service of man (Foam)

“Nature at the service of man”


spacer pad in cork + foam.

STARCORK + FOAM pressed cork spacers are high quality and high performance 3 mm thick pads with removable adhesive foam

These spacer pads adhere to glass and smooth surfaces free of dust, oil and other agents.

The surface area of this type of pad is 18x18 mm, to ensure optimal working operation and perfect adhesion. Smaller sizes are available on the market but their working efficiency is substantially lower.

The foam system used in STARCORK + FOAM pads, working by “suction”, prevents any marks or elements of the adhesive from being left behind (unlike traditional cork spacers), especially in the presence of any critical factors, such as high temperatures.

STARCORK + FOAM spacer pad sizes

STARCORK + FOAM (18x18x3mm)              carton containing 30,000 pieces