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Lorenz spacer pads

Lorenz  spacer pads

Spacer pads – your intelligent working tool

Let’s take a window for example; STARFLEX spacer pads are easy to put in place:
Four pads (sometimes more, placed along the length of the frame if very large), are placed at each of the four corners of the product - and that’s all there is to it! All this thanks to the special removable adhesive film that the base of each Starflex PAD is coated with.

Once the protective tab in white glassine paper has been removed, the application of simple finger pressure fixes the pad perfectly and instantaneously to the surface LEAVING NO MARKS OR RINGS WHEN REMOVED, on frames treated with water-based paints.

The removable adhesive film used on STARFLEX pads is non abrasive and will not slip on the surface it is applied to.
Once the correct spacing has been carried out, STARFLEX pads begin their work.
“Intelligent” work that is the result of the advanced technology used in the development of these revolutionary pads.
The special body is made from a concentrated synthetic resin.
This synthetic formula has been developed to provide a high density (230 kg/m3 each pad) which translates into high performance, a result which has been combined with a low compression factor.

Achieving our stated objectives has made the body of the STARFLEX pad able to respond “dynamically” to its sphere of application.
With load bearing efficiency, it responds with a balanced action of support and protection to knocks and vibrations that may take place during transit.