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Solutions for window frames and casings (aluminum sector)

Solutions for window frames and casings

WINDOW FRAMES (aluminium sector)
Recommended line: STARFLEX spacer pads

Articles suggested for appropriate use:

STARFLEX 320 (30X30X20mm)
STARFLEX 420 (40X40X20mm)

these are the spacer pads most demanded by frame makers in the aluminium sector.
In this sector the frame maker stacks and loads the products vertically and in many instances a limited contact surface area for the frame is sufficient.
The STARFLEX 320 responds admirably to this type of use.
Its high density and memory-equipped body make it just as valid as its larger and more expensive counterpart the STARFLEX 420.

Larger dimensions, together with the same properties as the STARFLEX 320 make this spacer pad the optimum choice for frame makers who, aside from the relative extra cost, for their own personal satisfaction wish to give their products an additional margin of protection.