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Imballaggi ed isolamenti nei settori dell'industria serramentistica, dell'edilizia, del vetro e del benessere animale nella zootecnia

Global products for intelligent packaging

LORENZ – global products for intelligent packaging

In its ongoing progression towards the future, Society and Man - its key player - requires advanced systems and products that allow excellent goals to be achieved, with more and more ease and with less effort, in order to add a positive result and “essence” to the quality of life.

Simplifying the execution of production processes to give constantly better performance is the foundation and guideline upon which LORENZ operates.

Through research into the most advanced technologies in the packaging sector, LORENZ has developed a series of “intelligent” products, which are veritable “dynamic” tools, ranging from the double glazing segment to window frame making, with offshoots and solutions in many other fields of application.


must achieve:

reductions in the time frames for packaging processes


- benefits to the workforce involved
- cost savings
- rational control of operations.

reductions in materials used

ADVANTAGES:     - substantial reductions in materials used
- drastic reductions in materials destined to be discarded
- regard for the surrounding environment